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Uttarakhand : There must have been some lack at the organizational level which we lost – Congress State Incharge

Congress’s state in-charge Devendra Yadav appeared uneasy on the questions of the reasons for the defeat in the assembly elections and subsequent by-elections, panchayat elections. He said the reasons for the defeat in the assembly were discussed. There was definitely something missing at the organizational level. Whatever shortcomings remained, they will be rectified and will go firmly among the people in the upcoming elections.

Congress ready for India couple visit

Devendra Yadav said that the entire Congress family is ready for the Bharat Jodo campaign to be run in the state. Detailing about the Bharat Jodo campaign in the state in-charge Devendra Yadav in a press conference in the Circuit House, he said that on November 7, State President Karan Mahra will start the Bharat Jodo Abhiyan from Mana, the last village of Chamoli district. After this, when the journalists questioned the continuous election defeat and factionalism, he avoided it. He said that the State President will answer these questions.

List of 100 office bearers will be released soon: Karan

State President Karan Mahra said that BJP misused power in the elections, due to which it was successful in winning. In the coming elections, the people will definitely answer the BJP. He said that soon the organization would be expanded. The final list of 100 office bearers has been sent to the Central President. The list will be released in a few days.

No factionalism in the party

Mahra said that there is no factionalism. You will see everything in Bharat Jod Abhiyan. He said that he will communicate with the public regarding local issues. The life of the common people has become difficult under the BJP government. Inflation, unemployment, migration will be major issues. Apart from this, people will also be directly discussed on Agniveer Yojana, law and order situation of the state.

BJP is diverting people’s attention

The state president said that the party is in favor of holding the upcoming winter session in Gairsain. At the same time, he said that now the politics of changing the name is happening. Instead of that, if the emphasis is on development, then it will be fine. He said that the BJP is doing this work to divert attention from the basic problems. State Vice President Mathura Dutt Joshi, District President Pitambar Pandey, Kewal Sati, Tara Dutt Joshi, Trilochan Joshi, Rajiv Karnataka, Sunil Karnataka etc. were present on this occasion.