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Uttar Pradesh / Etah: The mare climbed as a fake railway officer, took such a thing in the offerings, the bride’s screams came out

During the marriage in Etah district of Uttar Pradesh, a strange act of the groom’s side was seen. When the offerings were kept from the groom’s side before the round, the family members of the bride got furious after seeing them, because fake jewelery and toffees were brought in boxes. During this, a dispute arose between the two sides. On the information of the dispute, the police reached the spot. The police reached the police station with the groom. At present, the police have made a settlement between both the parties. Let us tell you, the bride and groom are residents of Etah. The bride’s father told that the social media site of our society is a wedding group on WhatsApp. The bio-data of boys keep coming in the same group. A few months ago, a boy’s resume came in the group. When he saw the resume, the boy had written in it that he was an officer in the railways. When the relationship seemed fine, they came to Etah to see the boy. After the conversation here, the relationship was confirmed. On July 4 this year, a baby shower was held in Chhibramau. The date of marriage was fixed after the baby shower.

The family members of the bride were furious after seeing the fake jewelery in the offering

The girl’s father told that the guest house was booked for the wedding in Etah itself. On Friday, November 4, they had come to the guest house to complete the wedding rituals. All the wedding rituals were going well. After the Jaymala program, the girl was called to the pavilion to take seven rounds. During this, when the family members of the groom were asked to bring offerings, they started hesitant. After saying many times, he brought offerings, but when the offering was opened, he found fake jewelery and toffees stuffed in boxes.

Groom’s job turned out to be fake

The girl’s father told that they got angry seeing this. When the family members of the groom were asked about this, they were not ready to tell anything. When asked with pressure, it came to know that the groom’s job is fake. He is not even in the railways. After some time, some people from the groom’s side started pushing and pressurizing them to get married. The matter was informed to the police on this.

This marriage remains a topic of discussion in the area

On getting the information, the police reached the spot. The police pacified both the parties on the spot and brought the groom to the kotwali. Gradually people from both the sides gathered in the kotwali. On Saturday afternoon, the police made a compromise between both the parties and sent them back home. This marriage remains a topic of discussion in the region.