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Jharkhand / Ranchi : For whose murder 8 people of the in-laws were serving the sentence in jail, that son-in-law turned out to be alive… the police were also stunned

A shocking case of film style crime has come to light from Jharkhand. Where 8 people of his in-laws were serving their sentence in jail for the murder of a young man, but that young man turned out to be alive. After the news of the son-in-law coming out alive, there was a stir in the whole area. When the police investigated, it came to know that the accused himself hatched a conspiracy to kidnap and kill himself, after which he went missing. Her family lodged a case against her in-laws and sent them to jail.

Even the police could not understand his plan

In fact, the Satbarwa police of Gumla district arrested the accused Ram Milan Chowdhary alias Chuniya, who hatched a fake conspiracy to kidnap and kill himself, on Monday with the help of the Chhatarpur police. Where Satbarwa police station in-charge Rishikesh Kumar Rai has confirmed the arrest of the accused. It is also being told that the accused used to come and go to his house during these six years. He used to come at night and leave before dawn.

The accused was so vicious that even his wife was sent to jail

Palamu SP Chandan Kumar Sinha, who is investigating the case, told that the accused son-in-law Ram Milan Chowdhary had disappeared for 6 years of his own free will. After which, on September 3, 2016, his brother Dilip Chowdhary had accused eight people of his in-laws’ house in Ponchi village of Satbarwa for abducting and killing his brother. The police had sent all the in-laws to jail in this case. These people included Rammilan’s wife Sarita, mother-in-law Kalavati, father-in-law Radha Chowdhary, the girl’s sister along with her uncle, Kudrat Ansari, Lalan Mistry and Danish Ansari.

Know what is this whole film style affair

On the other hand, the girl’s brother Deepak Chaudhary i.e. brother-in-law of the accused had complained in the police station that his brother-in-law is still alive and I have seen him. After which the police started searching for him. The girl’s brother told that in 2009 his sister Sarita was married to Rammilan Chowdhary. Everything went well for a few days after the marriage, but then the in-laws started torturing the sister for dowry. When we complained about them to the police, Rammilan made this fake conspiracy to take revenge. Deepak told that this fake conspiracy of his and my father could not tolerate the shock of going to jail and he died.