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Uttar Pradesh : The goods train reached the station leaving half the coaches at the crossing in Sonbhadra

A strange case has come to light from Sonbhadra district of Uttar Pradesh. Here a goods train running on the track split into two. The surprising thing is that neither the driver nor the guard of the train came to know about this matter. When the incident came to know after a long time, there was a stir. At the same time, people standing near half of the train started making videos. Now these videos are going viral on social media.

Half the coaches left behind one kilometer

The incident took place near Khairahi station in Sonbhadra district. A goods train was going towards the station. That’s why the coupling of the train opened or broke about one km before the station. Because of this half the train was left behind. While about half the coaches with the engine reached the station one km away. After a long delay, the guard of the train spoke to the driver on a wireless phone.

There was a jam from the coaches standing at the crossing

Got to know that they are standing at the station. According to the information, half the coaches of the train were left standing at an unmanned crossing, due to which there was a huge jam on the spot. On information, railway officials and railway engineers reached the spot. The video of this incident is now going viral on social media.