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Uttarakhand : BJP state president claims, many Congress stalwarts in contact, will join BJP soon, Congress in tension!

There can be a big change in the politics of Uttarakhand soon. BJP claims that some Congress leaders are desperate to join the BJP. The BJP has claimed so far that this upheaval will give a big blow to the Congress. On the one hand, Congress is traveling all over the country, while on the other hand such news coming is not a good sign for the party. This statement of Bhatt has put the Congress under tension as many senior Congress leaders have already turned to other parties accusing the Congress of neglect and factionalism.

Many senior Congress officials in touch

BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt has claimed that senior Congress office bearers will soon join the BJP in large numbers. He says that talks are going on with senior office bearers of the Congress party. He will soon join BJP. He says that the way development works are being done in the country at a rapid pace, it has strengthened the BJP’s clan. In such a situation, office-bearers of other parties are taking membership of BJP. In the same episode, soon a large number of senior office-bearers of the Congress party will join the BJP. At present, BJP state president Mahendra Bhatt has not disclosed the name of any senior office-bearer or worker of the Congress party, but he says that a large number of Congress party workers will soon join the BJP.

Ministers’ migration programs will be decided from tomorrow

The BJP state president said that till now all the ministers were busy in Himachal’s assembly elections. Now the elections are over there. In Himachal too, like Uttarakhand, BJP will again come to power with a thumping majority. He also told that after dealing with the assembly elections, now from Monday, the migration programs of the ministers in-charge of all the districts will be decided.