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Akshay Kumar saddened by being called ‘Canada Kumar’

Akshay Kumar is the superstar of Bollywood. Akshay Kumar is in headlines these days for many reasons. Recently there was news that the actor is going to debut in Marathi films. This year Akshay Kumar has given back to back four flop films. At present, this news is very much discussed that Akshay Kumar will not be seen in ‘Hera Pheri 3’. At the same time, Paresh Rawal confirmed the news of Karthik Aryan’s presence in Hera Pheri 3 on social media. Recently, Akshay Kumar gave an interview, in which he talked about ‘Hera Phera 3’ and his citizenship. Along with this, the actor also gave a befitting reply to those people, who often taunt him about his citizenship.

Trolls are often seen calling Akshay Kumar ‘Canada Kumar’ or ‘Canadian Kumar’ on social media and Akshay does not like this. Akshay Kumar’s heart hurts with such names. Recently, the actor expressed his pain regarding this. During this, he also said that soon he is going to get Indian citizenship. Akshay Kumar had talked about applying for an Indian passport in 2019. While talking about this matter again after three years, the actor has said, “Having a Canadian passport does not mean that I am not Indian. I am completely Indian. “I was here for nine years when I got my passport”.

Akshay Kumar continued and said, “I will not go into the details of why I got this passport made and what happened. My films were not running…etc etc, that’s fine. Yes, I did.” Said in 2019 and I had applied for Indian passport. Then after that Kovid came. After that 2-2.5 years everything stopped. My letter of rejection has just arrived and very soon my full passport will also come” .