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Uttar Pradesh / Mau: The young man reached the hospital with a snake in the sack, doctors were in bad condition after seeing it

A strange case came to light from Mau district of Uttar Pradesh. A young man was bitten by a snake in a village here on Sunday. When the doctor in the hospital asked which snake had bitten, the young man pointed to the sack he had brought with him. When he opened the sack, there was a snake in it. Due to this people got scared. However, he told that the snake was dead. Then people got relief.

In Dharampur Vishunpur village of Madhuban tehsil, water has come in the fields after the water level of Saryu river increased. The local people catch fish with nets. Even on Sunday afternoon, people had set a net for fishing. Meanwhile, Dharmendra Yadav (25) of the village reached to remove the trap.

Pulled out the snake and killed it
A snake was trapped in the net. As soon as Dharmendra extended his hand to remove the net, the snake bit him. Dharmendra pulled out the snake from the net and killed it. Simultaneously, putting the snake in the sack reached Fatehpur Mandav CHC. Seeing the snake in the sack there, the doctors and health workers were scared. He immediately asked to leave the snake outside. On this the young man told that the snake is dead. He told that so that he could get proper treatment, he brought a snake. After that the doctors treated him and referred him to the district hospital.