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Uttarakhand : SSP Ajay Singh narrated the unique ‘punishment’ to the sub-inspector and two constables, discussions are happening everywhere

After the missing person’s body was found, it was proved to be negligence in the matter of registering the missing and cremating the unidentified dead body in an unclaimed case, SSP Ajay Singh sent a constable and two constables to Haridwar for two days in separate crematoriums for eight- After staying for eight hours, he was given a unique punishment for cooperating in the cremation of dead bodies. The intention behind pronouncing the sentence of the SSP is that such negligence should not be repeated again. Harish Chandna, a resident of Roorkee’s Ramnagar street number one, went missing on October 20. On missing, his wife had complained to Ganganahar Kotwali. It was told that a suicide note was also recovered from his room, but in this case the Gangnahar Kotwali police had not registered a missing person. On October 29, the relatives came to know that the post-mortem of Harish Chandna was done at the Civil Hospital. When the relatives reached the civil hospital, they identified with the clothes. Where it was learned that Harish’s body was found near the Rahimpur railway gate three days after his disappearance, but due to non-identification, the police cremated him in the unclaimed after 72 hours.

After this the police had registered a missing person. The investigation of this case was handed over by SSP Ajay Singh to SP Dehat SK Singh. SP Dehat had recorded the statements of relatives and Kotwali staff. The investigation revealed that there was lack of communication among the policemen and unintentional negligence in not making adequate efforts to identify the unidentified body. Inspector Naveen Singh and constables Chetan Singh and Santosh were found guilty in the investigation. On this, the SSP has sentenced the three to cooperate in the cremation of the dead bodies by being present for eight hours each on October 14 and 15 at Kharkhari crematorium, Sati Ghat and Chandighat crematorium, so that such negligence cannot be repeated in future. .

In the Harish Chandna case, the workers should repent of the negligence and they should understand the social systems and feelings in the midst of the day-night job. That is why such punishment has been given.

– Swapna Kishore Singh, SP Dehat