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West Bengal : ‘I apologize, the minister made a mistake’ – CM breaks silence on comment on President

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee broke her silence on minister Akhil Giri’s objectionable remarks against President Draupadi Murmu, saying she condemns the minister’s statement and apologizes for it. If such statements are made in future, action will be taken against them. On the other hand, fiercely attacking the BJP and the central government, said that false things are being said and conspiracies are being hatched against Bengal.

Let us tell you that after Akhil Giri’s statement against Draupadi Murmu, protests are taking place in the entire state and CM Mamta Banerjee has opened her mouth about it for the first time. Meanwhile, the BJP went to the Raj Bhavan demanding the sacking of the minister.

Mamta apologized for the minister’s statement

Mamta Banerjee said in response to the question of reporters in Nabanna, “I do not believe in the external beauty of a person. Nothing happens only in appearance from outside. She is very nice. Akhil has done injustice. I condemn I am saddened and apologize for my MLA’s statement. I have a lot of respect for the President. Be it the PM or the President, I don’t speak anything personally on anyone.” He said that he has been warned by the party. The party has also condemned. If any incident happens in future, we will take action.

Mamta attacked Shubhendu, accused him of cursing
CM Mamta Banerjee attacked without naming Shubhendu Adhikari. He said that the kind of language used. that is not correct. Politics is done on the birthday of a three-year-old child. Sarcasm is made on the tribal woman. He said that we are in power now, when we are not in power, we will see. He said that talking against Bengal is being done while living in Bengal. Delhi is talking about not giving money to Bengal.

Mamta attacked the center, accused of not paying the dues

Attacking the central government, he said that the central government is not giving money for 100 days of work. GST tax is being taken from here. Money is not being given in other schemes including Bangla Road Scheme. 100 days work money is her statutory right and she will take it. He alleged that the names of people belonging to one community were being deleted from the voter list. This is a democratic country. This is not a country of any one party.