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Uttar Pradesh / Ghaziabad : Due to illegal relationship with the neighbor, the wife hatched a sinister conspiracy, the husband’s dead body was buried in the toilet for four years, the activism of the daughter exposed

On Monday, the Crime Branch team in UP’s Ghaziabad district disclosed a case which recreated the main scene of the story like Bollywood’s famous film Drishyam. The case pertains to Sihani Gate area of ​​police station, where a person was missing for the last 4 years. After investigation from all angles, the police filed a final report in the case. But perhaps the culprit had to be punished for his crime, so after 4 years, after some new inputs came before the police, the case was handed over to the crime branch. is given. After which this sensational case of murder is revealed.

The police had almost closed the case, but the daughter of the deceased did not give up

There was no trace of 46-year-old Chandraveer, who went missing from his home 4 years ago, but his family members were continuously searching for him. The daughter of the deceased was constantly visiting the police station, the police had almost closed the case but the daughter was not giving up and because of that the police got a new lead. After working on which the police opened the whole case.

Shocking revelations in the investigation

Actually Chandraveer was murdered and Chandraveer’s wife Savita herself was involved in the murder. Who had executed this incident along with his lover. However, in order to mislead the police, Chandraveer’s wife kept pointing the needle of suspicion towards her brother-in-law, due to which the direction of the police’s investigation was also limited to the brother-in-law.

Neighbor was having a love affair, made a dreadful plan with her lover to remove her husband from the way

The love affair of Savita, wife of the missing Chandraveer alias Pappu, was going on with Arun living in the neighborhood. Chandraveer was addicted to alcohol and had seen Savita in an objectionable position with Arun several times. Due to which there used to be a situation of dispute in the house. He also used to fight with Savita. After which Savita and her lover Arun made a sinister plan to remove Chandraveer alias Pappu from their path.

This is how the crime was executed

Sarita and Arun planned the day Chandraveer came back home drunk. Arun was called that day. Arun killed Chandraveer by shooting him in the head and Savita put a bucket down and filled it till all the blood started flowing. After that, Arun buried Chandraveer by taking him to a pit dug in his house. To hide the identity of Chandraveer, his hand was also cut off and thrown near the chemical factory, so that he could not be identified. Not only this, a mortar was also prepared over this pit so that there is no room for doubt.

Vicious Arun had dug a 6 feet deep mattress telling it to be a toilet. After which Chandraveer’s dead body was put and bridged with bricks. Now on being caught, Arun himself is admitting that he would have been caught if he had buried the dead body elsewhere, so he dug a 6 feet deep pit in the house and buried Chandraveer’s dead body and got the floor over it. Now in this case, the crime branch team has also recovered weapons like bucket, mugga and pistol etc. and is preparing to send Savita and her lover Arun to jail for the punishment of their crime.