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Uttar Pradesh / Kanpur : Suicide note on status and phone switch off, police kept searching for their own soldier

After the suicide of a sub-inspector in Kanpur, another policeman put up WhatsApp status by writing the day and time of his death in the suicide note after being harassed by the station in-charge and other policemen. On the other hand, fellow policemen informed the top officers about the matter, after which there was a stir in the police department. According to the information, constable Jaiveer Singh, while writing a suicide note in the name of the officers, accused many policemen and others of harassment and held them responsible for his death. He says that sleeping pills have also stopped working now. Constable Jaiveer had also switched off his phone as soon as the status went viral, due to which the officials of the department were shocked. Earlier also constable Jaiveer was presented in line on the charge of extortion from Sandh police station of Kanpur Outer. On the other hand, late night the screenshot of the soldier’s status became increasingly viral on social media. In a hurry, the officers started investigating the matter, but constable Jaiveer could not be traced because his phone was switched off.

Constable caught near post mortem house

On the other hand, on Monday morning, policemen took constable Jaiveer into custody from near the post-mortem house. Police Commissioner BP Jogdand and Joint Police Commissioner Anand Prakash Tiwari refused to say anything on the matter of the soldier’s suicide note, but the officers have handed over its investigation to the authorities. This is the second consecutive case of suicide of policemen in Kanpur. In the note posted by the soldier in the status, the names of Chakeri police station in-charge Shailendra Singh and other head constables and people associated with some media institutions have been written. At present, the officials are trying to get to the bottom of the matter by conducting a mental examination of the constable and interrogating him. On the other hand, various discussions have started in the police department regarding the suicide note written by the constable after being tortured.

After the commissionerate system was implemented in Kanpur, claims were being made for better policing system, but the condition of the police department remains the same. At present, Joint Police Commissioner Anand Prakash Tiwari says that the matter is being examined. Policemen will be directed after meeting so that such incidents do not recur in future.