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Uttar Pradesh / Prayagraj : Elders on dharna demanding to become CM for one day, want to work like ‘hero’

21 years ago a film came out called Nayak, The Real Hero. In this film, the hero becomes the chief minister for a day and does so much work in 24 hours that people start considering him as a real life hero. Like this film, an old man in Prayagraj also wants to become the CM for one day, and is sitting on a dharna for this demand. The elder who came from Mathura says that till he is not made the CM for one day, he will continue to sit on dharna. 70-year-old Prakash Chandra Agarwal says that he will do so many things by becoming CM for one day, which even the hero of the film could not do. Not only this, he has to become the CM of Uttar Pradesh, the country’s largest state.

Elders want to become CM for one day

This protest of 70 years old Prakash Chandra Agarwal, adamant on the demand of making himself the Chief Minister for one day, is going on at the protest site built in the Civil Lines area of ​​Sangam Nagri, Prayagraj. Prakash Agarwal, a resident of Mathura district, has already agitated in the city of Kanha for this demand. In the last 30 years, he has become so worried about his personal work that he has been going around the government offices so much that he feels that now that he himself becomes the CM, then only his own work will be done and at the same time he will be able to improve the system.

Deeply troubled by the system, Prakash Agarwal now wants to become CM for one day to provide justice to the people more than himself. He says that if he gets a chance to become the CM for a day, he will not only suspend the officers like Anil Kapoor in the film Nayak, but will either sack the wrongdoers or demote their team. He claims that 24 hours is not less time to improve the system, if there is a strong will then the system can be improved even in a day.

Claimed to improve the system

The elder claims that there is such a provision in the constitution that a person who holds a constitutional post can exercise his powers and hand over his responsibility to someone for 24 hours. For this reason, he has also sent letters regarding this to UP CM Yogi Adityanath several times. In the letter, he has requested to make himself the CM for one day. If his demand is not met, he will soon file an application in the High Court. The High Court should be aware of his demand and strike, that is why he is sitting on strike near the High Court in Prayagraj.

People often laugh at Prakash Chand Aggarwal sitting on a dharna demanding that he be made the CM. His demand may be strange, but the reason for which he is making this demand, every common citizen keeps on struggling with that problem. It can be said that there may have been some improvement in the system as compared to earlier, but the situation has not changed much. People get tired of going around government offices. Many times they are forced to get their work done by paying bribe, and many times they kneel before the system and sit at home cursing their fate.