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PM Modi visit Britain and met Rishi Sunak yesterday! Rishi Sunak approves 3000 visas for Indians

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has given the go-ahead for 3,000 visas for young professionals from India to work in the UK every year. The British government said that India is the first country to benefit from such a scheme. “Today the UK-India Young Professionals Scheme was confirmed, offering 3,000 visas and up to two years of work to educated Indian nationals aged 18-30,” the UK Prime Minister’s Office said.

Let us tell you that this announcement by the British Government came a few hours after the meeting of British PM Rishi Sunak with Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the G20 summit. It was their first meeting after the Indian-origin British PM took over last month.

Under the new UK-India Young Professionals scheme, the UK will offer 3,000 visas a year to degree-educated Indian nationals aged 18-30 to come to the UK to live and work in the UK for up to two years. Downing Street said in a statement: “The launch of the scheme marks a significant moment in further strengthening our bilateral relationship with India. It will also help strengthen the Indo-Pacific region as well as the economies of both countries.”

Let us tell you that almost a quarter of all international students in the UK are from India. The UK is currently negotiating a trade deal with India. If the two countries agree, this would be India’s first-of-its-kind deal with a European country.

“A historic Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the UK and India in May 2021, aimed at increasing mobility between our countries,” the UK PMO said.