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Uttarakhand : Congress objected to the amendment in the conversion law! BJP said “Straw in thief’s beard”

The BJP has termed the State Congress President’s objection regarding the amendment in the Conversion Act as a “straw in the beard of a thief”. State spokesperson Suresh Joshi alleged that opposing the strict law prohibiting forced conversions in Devbhoomi proves that Congress is hand in hand with those who convert. Issuing a statement, Suresh Joshi said that even before the formation of the state, there have been incidents of religious conversion due to force or allurement by missionary and staunch minority individuals and organizations in the state, on which strict action was taken during the BJP regimes.

The need for a strict law was being felt to stop such cases and create fear of law among the people involved in illegal activities of conversion. Pushkar Singh Dhami’s government has done the work of fulfilling the aspirations of the people. He sarcastically said that since this is not a matter of concern for the Congress as they are worried about the votes of the particular community. Therefore, their doubt on the amendment of the conversion law proves that the religious purity and cultural identity of the people of Devbhoomi is not on the priority of the Congress, their only priority is the policy of appeasement.

Responding to the doubts of the Congress President, he said that the target of this law is only those people who are involved in illegal acts of religious conversion by taking advantage of the compulsion and simplicity of the common people or by the allurement and immoral pressure of money etc. or such criminal people. giving protection to Therefore, the Congress party will have to consider whether it is on target or not.