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Madhya Pradesh / Jabalpur : Due to not getting compassionate job, this young man wants to make himself AIDS patient

The government runs an awareness campaign for the prevention of incurable diseases like AIDS, but a young man from Jabalpur has become determined to make himself an AIDS patient. A young man from Jabalpur who has been demanding compassionate appointment since 2004 after the death of his father while on duty, but he did not get a job. After all, being troubled by the government system, the youth is now going to take that step, which probably neither we nor the government would have heard or thought about. The youth has warned himself to get HIV positive on the day of “World AIDS Day”. The young man’s father was posted as a watchman in the Medical College. Meanwhile, he died in 2004. Medical examination revealed that the deceased watchman was HIV positive. The young man told that after the death of his father, the entire burden of managing the house fell on him. After the father’s death on humanitarian grounds, the young man sent the case to the General Administration Department for a special compassionate appointment in the Medical College, but it was rejected.

Did not get compassionate job

After the death of his father, the victim youth came to know that his mother is also HIV positive, for whom he is undergoing treatment at ART Center Medical College. Apart from the mother, there is also a wife, a daughter and a younger brother at home. Right now the youth and his younger brother are doing private jobs. The young man also met the then Medical Education Minister Sharad Jain for a special compassionate appointment, but nothing worked out. Former Finance Minister Tarun Bhanot also wrote a letter to Minister Vishwas Sarang, but nothing happened. At present, the case has been sent from DME office Bhopal to Additional Secretary Medical Education, but the proceedings could not proceed further.

I know how to become HIV positive?

The victim told that while serving in the medical college, the father became HIV positive in 1995 and died in 2004. After the death of the father, compassionate appointment is necessary for the maintenance of the mother and the family, but it seems that the medical management does not want to give the job, so he has warned himself to be HIV positive on December 1, 2022. The youth has made his HIV test report from ICMR which is negative now. The young man says that I know very well how HIV becomes positive. The young man has created a stir by announcing that he will test positive on December 1, World AIDS Day. The youth has also given this information to the Jabalpur Collector, SP, Medical College and the concerned Gadha police station.