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Uttarakhand : Justice Department’s U-turn, SLP will not be taken back from SC in sedition case

The Department of Justice will not withdraw the Special Leave Petition (SLP) from the Supreme Court in the matter of State of Uttarakhand Vs Umesh Kumar Sharma and others. The Department of Justice has taken a back seat in the SLP case. The department has issued an order canceling the decision to withdraw the petition. In this regard, information has also been sent to the Government’s Advocate on Record (AOR) Vanshja Shukla in the Supreme Court. An application has also been made regarding the withdrawal of the application given in the Supreme Court in this regard. It will be heard on 22 November. In 2020, the Nainital High Court had ordered the quashing of the sedition case against Umesh Kumar and a CBI inquiry into the allegations leveled against the then Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. Then the state government filed an SLP in the Supreme Court against this decision. The then Chief Minister and Harendra Singh Rawat also challenged this decision in the Supreme Court. In the latest developments, it is mentioned in the letter issued through Deputy Secretary (Justice) Akhilesh Mishra that under the letter sent on September 26, 2022, Additional Secretary Justice had decided to withdraw the petition in the case of State of Uttarakhand vs. Umesh Kumar Sharma and others.

Now it has been decided to cancel it in public interest. AOR has been asked to take necessary action as per status quo ante in the matter of SLP. That is, the application filed in the Supreme Court to withdraw the SLP will be withdrawn. Sources say that Trivendra had met BJP national president JP Nadda regarding the application given to withdraw the SLP.

No SLP has been returned from Supreme Court: BJP

Hitting back at the Congress attack on the SLP issue, state BJP president Mahendra Bhatt said that the government has not withdrawn any SLP in the Supreme Court. He said that the party is completely united and stands with former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. Trivendra Singh Rawat is a respected and senior leader of the party. Therefore, Congress should not take otherwise in any matter. He said that only the government can give authorized information in the matter of SLP. The Congress should desist from making sesame palm and spreading bad propaganda.

So far three-four CMs have come under the clutches of blackmailers: Harish Rawat

A post posted on Facebook by former Chief Minister Harish Rawat is again creating a sensation in political circles. According to him, Uttarakhand being a small state, instability also comes quickly here. So far three-four Chief Ministers have come under the clutches of blackmailers. According to him, if blackmailers get political protection in the guise of journalism in the state, then God is the master of this state.

Harish Rawat often surprises with his outspoken statements. This time also he has pointed towards big political developments. Harish Rawat has shocked the State Chief Ministers being caught in the clutches of alleged blackmailers, even though he himself has been a victim of a sting in the past. He has also written in his post, we have also committed some mistakes, Uttarakhand has also punished them. He said that the state needs to identify such people who have come to Uttarakhand just for blackmailing. Today earning a lot of money. Harish said that if any such person has been a victim of blackmailing, then he is standing with him.