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Uttarakhand : Ankita’s relatives sitting on dharna, demanded CBI inquiry into Ankita murder case, and demanded narco test of RPs

Ankita Bhandari’s parents are angry with the delay in getting justice for their daughter. The relatives want the investigation of this matter to be handed over to the CBI. He also demanded the government to conduct narco test of the accused (Ankita killers demand narco test) to get justice for daughter Ankita (ANKITA BHANDARI MURDER CASE). He clearly says that until his daughter does not get justice, he will continue to fight every possible legal battle. At the same time, Ankita’s family members were angry with the administration for forcefully lifting Shakuntala Rawat during the hunger strike aimed at getting justice for Ankita in Rishikesh. In fact, Ankita’s father Virendra Singh Bhandari and mother Soni Devi had reached the site of protest going on for the last 41 days in Koel Valley, Rishikesh, while going back home from Nainital High Court to Shrikot (Pauri). Here he expressed his gratitude to the mother power who fasted to get justice for the daughter. He said that there is a continuous delay in getting justice to the daughter. The government is not even ready to pay attention to their demand.

Ankita’s father says that even though the government is conducting the SIT investigation, he does not trust the SIT investigation. He said that when he is constantly demanding a CBI inquiry, then why is the government not ready to conduct a CBI inquiry to convert milk into milk and water into water. In such a situation, there is a question mark on the claim of fair investigation of the government. Now Ankita’s family wants a CBI inquiry from the government to get justice for the daughter. Ankita’s father also says that the government should get the narco test done for the arrested killers of Ankita, Pulkit Arya, Saurabh and Ankit.

Ankita’s father Virendra Singh Bhandari expressed his gratitude to the people who are continuously protesting and fasting for getting justice for his daughter. He said that this fight is not only for his daughter but for providing security to the daughters of entire Uttarakhand. Today injustice has been done to her daughter, so that such incident does not happen to any other daughter tomorrow, it is very important for Ankita to get justice and the punishment should also be such that the souls of those who commit such acts should tremble before committing the crime.

Be aware that 19-year-old Ankita Bhandari worked as a receptionist at Vanantra Resort located in Yamkeshwar in Pauri district. On the night of 18 September 2022, she suddenly went missing from the resort. In the case of Ankita’s disappearance, on September 23, the police arrested three accused, including the owner of the resort. On September 24, the police had recovered Ankita’s body from the canal only at the behest of the accused. Pulkit Arya, Saurabh and Ankit are arrested in this case.