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American diplomat drives auto to office in Delhi, 4 female diplomats leave bulletproof vehicles

4 women officers of the American Embassy located in Delhi go to the office by driving an auto. The special thing is that they have also left the bullet proof vehicles received from the government. NL Mason, Ruth Holmberg, Sharin J Kitterman and Jennifer Bywaters say that driving an auto is not only fun, but also an example that American executives are just like ordinary people.

Personal touch given to auto, blue tooth device installed
Talking to news agency ANI, NL Mason said- I have never driven clutch vehicles. I have always driven an automatic car, but coming to India and driving an auto was a new experience. When I was in Pakistan, I used to travel in a big and luxurious bulletproof car. She used to go to office by that, but when I used to see the auto outside, I used to feel that I have to drive it at least once. That’s why as soon as she came to India, she bought an auto. Ruth, Sharin and Jennifer also bought autos with me.

Mason said, ‘I got my inspiration from my mother. She was always doing something new. He always taught me to take chances. My daughter is also learning to drive an auto. I have personalized the auto. It has bluetooth device. It also has tiger print curtains.

Mexican ambassador also had auto
Indian-American diplomat Sharin J Kitterman owns a pink auto. Its rear-view mirror has the flags of America and India. He was born in Karnataka. Later she settled in America. He has US citizenship.

He said, ‘I got this inspiration from Melba Pria, a Mexican ambassador. He had a white colored auto 10 years ago. He also had a driver. When I came to India, I saw that Mason has an auto. That’s why I also bought an auto.

Meeting people is a form of diplomacy: Ruth Holmberg
American officer Ruth Holmberg said – I love driving auto. This is also the way I go to the market. I meet people here. Women also get motivated by seeing me. Diplomacy is not at a high level for me. Diplomacy is about meeting people, getting to know them and building a relationship with them. I can do all this while driving auto. I meet people every day. This is important for diplomacy.

Learning new things is not difficult: Jennifer Bywaters
Describing her experience of driving an auto, Jennifer said, ‘I have seen the goodness of people. Sometimes you have to think out of the box to know people. When I came to Delhi, I used to go in auto with Mason. Later I bought my auto. It was difficult to drive, but I learned.

Learning is not that difficult, but the most difficult thing is to drive keeping in mind the vehicles running around. Anyone suddenly appears here out of nowhere. It gets scary sometimes, but it’s a lot of fun.