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Dress code will be implemented in madrassas of Uttarakhand, NCERT books will be taught – Shadab Shams

Dress code will be applicable in madrassas of Uttarakhand. Waqf Board President Shadab Shams gave information about this. He told that we want to develop modern madrassas in Uttarakhand, for which it has taken a big step to implement dress code in madrassas. On Wednesday, it was announced to implement dress code in madrasas. Waqf Board Chairman Saidaba said that Uttarakhand Waqf Board has 103 madrasas of its own. And out of those 103 madrassas, we have decided to convert 07 madrassas into modern madrassas. The education in these modern madrasas will also be modern.

Waqf Board President Saidaba said that our child became a doctor, engineer, followed the path of APJ Abdul Kalam and moved forward. We want to build our madrasas in that direction. He said that it is the dream of Prime Minister Narendra Modi that every child should get good education. PM Modi had said that I want to see Quran in one hand and laptop in the other hand of every child studying in the madrassa.

This would be the specialty

  • The dress code will be applicable in these 60 modern madrasas.
  • NCERT books will be read.
  • After the Fajr prayer till eight o’clock, it will run like a normal madrassa.
  • Will run like a normal school from 08 am to 02 pm.
  • Madrassas will be registered in Uttarakhand Board.
  • Madrasas will be run on the lines of English medium.
  • Children of every community will also be able to take education in these madrasas.