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Ministry of Labor sent notice to Amazon India on retrenchment of employees

The Union Labor Ministry has sent summons to Amazon India for forced layoffs of employees. The ministry has sent summons asking it to appear before the Deputy Labor Commissioner in Bengaluru on Wednesday. The Ministry has written in its notice, you are requested to appear personally or through a representative in this office on this date and time with all the evidence.

The employee union Nascent Information Technology Employees Senate (NITES) had complained to the ministry accusing Amazon India of violating labor law (Labour Avt). After which the Ministry of Labor has issued a notice to Amazon India. NITES has written a letter to Labor Minister Bhupendra Yadav saying that Amazon employees are being forced out of the company. Demanding an inquiry, the union has said that the Voluntary Separation Program is being sent to the employees by the company and has been given a deadline of 30 November 2022 to complete it.

According to the employee union, the livelihood of many employees has been put in danger by this decision of Amazon India. Citing the Industries Disputes Act, the union has said that without the permission of the government, the employer cannot fire his employees. According to NITES President Harpreet Saluja, the union is pleading for justice for the employees in this matter. He has demanded that the government should immediately cancel the Voluntary Separation Policy issued illegally by Amazon India. He said that the notice issued by the government to the company has brought a lot of relief to the employees.