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Uttarakhand / Rudrapur : Hina Rawat, the woman who filed a fake rape case against Kotwal Ashok Kumar, was caught red-handed in the hotel

Udham Singh Nagar Housing Development, Rudrapur police station, Hina Rawat was caught red-handed, the woman who imposed fake 376 on Kotwal Ashok Kumar was arrested by housing development outpost incharge Neema Bora. Hina Rawat, who filed a fake rape case against Kotwal Ashok Kumar along with Gurwinder Singh resident of Kashipur in Rudrapur Cound Tower Hotel, along with Gurwinder Singh, housing development outpost in-charge Neema Bora, arrested by raiding the hotel on the information of wife Swati Singh.

Let us inform that Hina Rawat, who filed a fake case of rape against Jaspur Kotwal a few days ago, has again tried to ruin another family by trapping a new victim in her clutches, in which Gurvinder Singh’s wife cleverly revealed her location. While tracing, caught her husband and Gurvinder Singh and Hina Rawat red-handed along with her family in the hotel. In the investigation, Gurvinder Singh had stayed in the hotel for several days by putting a fake ID of his wife Swati Singh as his wife.

When Gurwinder Singh’s wife traced the location of her husband, then his location turned out to be the location of Rudrapur Awas Vikas Hotel Crown Tower, on which Gurwinder’s wife, mother-in-law and mother went to the spot and caught Gurwinder Singh and Hina Rawat red-handed. After going to the spot, taking both of them under their control, while taking action in Chowki Awas Vikas, they were sent to jail by registering a case of cheating against them by putting fake IDs and sending them to jail.