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Bihar’s drug addicts have reached UP? UP Police claims – Rats cleared 581 kg of Ganja

After the drunken rats of Bihar, now the rats of Mathura have become bald. We are not saying this, but the UP Police is saying this, that too in the court. If the claims of the police are to be believed, then these rats have eaten not one or two kilos but the entire 581 kilos of hemp.

What is the matter

In fact, in 2018-2019, the Mathura police recovered two consignments of cannabis. In the first consignment, 386 kg and in the second consignment, 195 kg were seized. Both the consignments were deposited by the police in the Malkhana. Police had arrested six alleged smugglers on a motorway in this case. The traffickers are now being prosecuted under narcotics trafficking and other narcotics laws.

When the court ordered the hemp

During the hearing of the same case, a question arose regarding the recovery of cannabis from the accused and the court sought evidence from the police regarding the recovery of cannabis. The court asked both the police stations to produce the packets of ganja with sealed seal before the court.

Pain of helplessness

After this Mathura police reached the court and started narrating their pain. The police said in their report that rats had eaten 581 kg of cannabis stored in the Malkhana. Some remaining hemp has been destroyed. Expressing helplessness in the report, the police said that there is no place in the Malkhana where the seized goods can be saved from rats.

Court asked for proof

The court was also surprised by this argument of the police. The court has asked the police to submit evidence regarding the incident in the next hearing. The matter will be heard on November 26.