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Delhi: More than 100 shops gutted in Chandni Chowk, loss of crores

In the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk, there was shouting once again. This happened for the second time in the last three months. This time flames broke out in the electricals and lights market of Bhagirath Palace. A massive fire broke out here on Thursday night. Soon the fire started spreading to the surrounding buildings as well. More than 40 fire engines had to be deployed on the spot. There was fire everywhere and black smoke in the sky. The traders were trying their best to save their goods and the firemen were trying to extinguish the fire. The power was immediately disconnected to stop the spread of the fire. Chandni Chowk is anyway quite congested. The fire could not be controlled till the news was written. How did the fire break out in Delhi’s Chandni Chowk’s Bhagirath Palace Market? How much was the loss? See the updates so far.

Efforts to extinguish the fire are still going on. Due to the narrow streets, there is a problem in extinguishing the fire. From above the water ran out in the night. The fire is being extinguished by bringing water from the metro station and other places. There is news of loss of crores of rupees.

The work of extinguishing the fire is going on this morning also

The work of extinguishing the fire in Bhagirath Palace Market is going on even on Friday morning. The fire has been brought under control to a large extent but some shops are still burning.

Fire in bhagirath palace market

Manoj Gandhi, owner of an electrical shop in Bhagirath Palace Market, told that ‘the cause of the fire was a short circuit’. According to Gandhi, the fire broke out around 8 pm. When the fire reached near the packaging material, it exploded and flames started rising.

When was the information given to the fire brigade?

According to the Delhi Fire Service, a call about a fire at shop number 1868 in Chandni Chowk was received at around 9.21 pm on Thursday. This shop is near the Gurudwara in Bhagirathi Palace. According to fire department officials, within an hour the blaze spread to nearby buildings and was deemed ‘severe’.

Cloud of smoke in the market, strong flames

When fire tenders reached the spot, the entire market was engulfed in a thick plume of smoke. The orange flames were clearly visible in the darkness of the night. Initially the fire started in two shops and spread to 3-4 buildings in the neighborhood. There are 25-30 shops in each building.

The way was made by removing the bollards, then the vehicles were reversed

Due to the narrow lanes, the firefighters had difficulty in reversing the vehicles. Because of this, the police had to seek the help of the local people. The way was made by removing the bollards installed for decoration so that the fire engines could reverse.

‘Save our shop from fire…’

When the team of our associate Times of India reached the spot, the traders were seen pleading with the fire brigade personnel to save their shops.

CM expressed grief over the fire

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has expressed grief over the fire incident in Bhagirath Palace Market. He said that he is constantly taking updates from the district administration.

Fire breaks out again and again in Chandni Chowk

Yogesh Singhal, chairman of the Bullion and Jewelers Association in Kachcha Mahajani, said, “On September 4, there was a fire in the Kachcha Natwa cloth market. A massive fire broke out in the Gandhi Nagar textile market as well. Often the reason is short circuit. The narrow lanes here make it very difficult to extinguish the fire. Traders have to bear the loss of lakhs.

Merchants of Chandni Chowk pleading with the government

Singhal said that the traders of the area have been continuously urging the government to take steps to control such fires. He said that the traders gave two suggestions. Firstly, water lines should be installed here and borewells should be installed in the narrow streets, so that fire can also be stopped and water can be supplied to the fire engines. The second suggestion is to check the cobweb of wires properly. Load capacity of electrical fittings should be checked and circuit breakers should be installed.