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Uttarakhand : Congress’s non-military love during the session is just a show off and unnecessary: Mahendra Bhatt

The BJP termed the uproar by the Congress MLAs over Gairsen during the session as unnecessary and a waste of precious time of the House. BJP State President Mahendra Bhatt said that the party which, while in power, has always been opposing the separate state and weakening the movement, today it is shedding crocodile tears for Gairsen. The state president has today described the disruption caused by the Congress in the House on this subject as unfortunate and an escape from the positive discussion about development. He said that those days are not so old when the people of the state were giving martyrdom in the state building movement, then the Congress party was running the government in Uttar Pradesh and the center along with the oppressive Samajwadi Party for most of the time. Even before this Congress always worked to suppress the sentiments of state building while being in power. Even after the formation of the state, as the first elected government, it never used the right to solve the issue of the capital and later kept this matter pending even while living in the center. But the great people of the state have not forgotten anything, they all know that the purpose of this uproar by the anti-state Congress is also to block the development of the state by stopping the discussions on bills and schemes.

Mahendra Bhatt said that according to its election announcement, the BJP has declared Gairsain as the summer capital and prepared a master plan for its all-round development. Most of the infrastructure and resources developed in summer capital Gairsen have happened during the tenure of BJP governments. He expressed confidence that all the remaining works of development would also be completed in the BJP government, for which the Congress need not worry. He accused the Congress that when the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly had called an all-party meeting regarding the election session, all went away saying yes and now they are making false statements to mislead the public. He taunted that it is an old habit of the Congress to say something in a closed room and turn away after coming out.