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Uttarakhand : BJP will set up Divyang Cell to increase the representation of Divyang – Mahendra Bhatt

State President Mahendra Bhatt has congratulated the Divyang brothers and sisters on the occasion of Divyang Day. On this occasion, he announced that with the aim of increasing the representation and activism of Divyangjans in the party, a separate Divyang Cell will be formed soon.

The state president said in his statement that the state and the central government are helping the disabled through their various schemes. In this regard, the party has also been organizing programs from the organizational level with the aim of providing information about these schemes and their benefits to the needy. He said, to give more momentum to these efforts of the organization, the party is going to constitute a separate cell for the disabled. Through which not only this large section of the society will get proper representation in the party, but also the information about their problems and their solutions can be shared with the government.