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Ajay Devgan dusts off Varun-Ayushmann, earns the cover of ‘Drishyam 2’

Ajay Devgan’s ‘Drishyam 2’ is rocking the box office. Even after 16 days of release, the film is earning tremendously. Alam is that Varun Dhawan’s ‘Bhediya’ and Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘An Action Hero’, which were released in front of it, are seen fighting for the audience at the ticket windows. For the last two weeks, only ‘Drishyam 2’ is in full swing. Along with the domestic box office, the film is garnering worldwide earnings.

Drishyam 2 continues to shine
In the collection of ‘Drishyam 2’, released on 18 November 2022, there has been a jump once again on the third Saturday i.e. on the 16th day. At the domestic box office, where the film is getting close to earning 200 crores, it has collected more than 250 crores worldwide. On Saturday, the film recorded an occupancy of 23.58 percent in Hindi only.

Earned so many crores worldwide
‘Drishyam 2’ opened the account with 15.38 crores on the opening day after which there was no looking back. The film did a business of over 100 crores in its first week itself. So in the second week this figure reached beyond 58 crores. In 16 days, it has earned a net of 8 crores in the country, with this the total business of the film has reached 167.93 crores (figures are initial, it is possible to change it) Talking about the world wide earnings, ‘Drishyam 2’ has collected 255.11 crores worldwide. Out of which business of 42.15 crores is included from overseas market.

Varun-Ayushman dusted
At the same time, the condition of Ayushmann Khurrana’s film ‘Bhediya’ is going very bad in theatres. The film collected 3.25 crores on the 9th day of its release, taking its total to 47.37 crores. Means even after 9 days of release the film has not crossed the figure of 50 crores. On the other hand, Ayushmann Khurrana’s ‘An Action Hero’, released this week, could do business of only 1.70 crores on Saturday i.e. the second day of its release.