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The year 2023 is bringing destruction? Nostradamus made these scary predictions 500 years ago

French astrologer Nostradamus had made predictions for the coming year 2023 500 years in advance. According to him, the future of 2023 is dark. The predictions of a French astrologer for 2023 are troubling. Nostradamus published his book Les Prophecies in 1555. There are 942 predictions in this book. Some of these incidents are very frightening.

Scary Predictions for 2023

There have been times when his predictions came very close to reality, including events such as the Great Fire of London, Hitler’s Reign of Terror, and September 11. It is widely believed that Nostradamus predicted both the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the French Revolution. The Mirror says that there are some predictions of Nostradamus which may come true in 2023. Nostradamus predicted that 2022 would be a miserable year due to the impending cost of living problem and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. Let us tell you about the predictions made by Nostradamus for 2023.

There will be a big war in 2023

Nostradamus has predicted a big war in 2023. The current crisis between Ukraine and Russia could escalate into World War III next year. In such a situation, this prediction of Nostradamus seems to be proving true. The prophecy also states that the French city of Rouen will be safe in case of WW3, meaning that Paris may be in danger.

Fire will rain from heaven

Nostradamus has predicted ‘celestial fire on the royal house’ in his other article. This prediction is very ominous. Knowledgeable see it as doomsday or end of time. The mention of such an inauspicious sign is also seen in the Bible. It is considered a sign of the end of history.

Landing on mars

Nostradamus has also indicated in his predictions that humans will go to Mars. This is being seen in the order of humans going to Mars and achieving success in the search for life there. Let us tell you that Elon Musk, the creator of SpaceX and recently acquired Twitter, has predicted for a long time that humanity will step on Mars by 2029. Musk has spoken publicly about his desire to settle on Mars before the end of the decade.

Economic Crisis

In the wake of the outbreak of Kovid-19 and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, there is economic turmoil around the world. This analysis of past crises contained predictions of desperation and unrest resulting from rising prices of essential commodities. Nostradamus has predicted that by the year 2023, British consumers will be hit by a cost of living crisis due to rising energy costs, inflation and food prices.

Climate change

Global warming is not a new issue, but Nostradamus has predicted that in 2023 the temperature will continue to rise and the sea level will rise.

Civil disturbance

Civil unrest is expected to increase in 2023 as a result of permanent settlement and rising cost of living and global warming. In response to the deteriorating economy, this forecast indicates that the population may rise in rebellion against the affluent.