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Uttar Pradesh / Agra : The husband did not understand the feelings of the wife! Said – You are not my match, because of you my girlfriend gets angry, thrown out of the house

The girl had cherished dreams after marriage. Had expected love from husband and daughter-like behavior from in-laws, but all dreams were shattered to step on the threshold of in-laws house. The husband did not even look at her. When she used to talk to her husband, he used to say that you are not of my match. My girlfriend gets angry because of you. She does not eat food for many days and keeps on crying. I am very ashamed to take you outside somewhere. The wife was tolerating all these taunts. But the in-laws along with her husband threw her out of the house for demanding five lakhs. Now the husband is threatening her to remarry his girlfriend. The case pertains to Sadar area of Agra. The victim woman has filed a case against her husband in Thana Sadar. In this, it is alleged that she was married four years ago to a youth resident of Jamnagar, Gujarat. Her dreams were shattered as soon as she reached her in-laws house. Father had spent a lot. On the honeymoon itself, the husband taunted her by saying that you are not my match, I got married because of the family members.

Husband has not followed his religion till date

The victim alleges that the husband never used to take her out of the house. Whenever she asked to go out, he used to say that I am embarrassed to take you around. Because I have a girlfriend. She gets angry. She doesn’t even eat food for many days and keeps on crying. It was because of her that the husband did not even have a physical relationship. Till today she never followed husband’s religion.

The girl told that she used to beat up on asking for money for the expenses. Started demanding five lakh rupees. The in-laws would also support him. Kept assuring that everything would be fine in a few days. But later the mother-in-law and father-in-law also started harassing her. There was physical and mental abuse. Thrown out of the house only after four months of marriage. Threatened to kill. Husband threatens that I will go abroad and remarry my girlfriend. You will not be able to do anything to me. Inspector in-charge of Thana Sadar says that a case has been registered under the section of dowry harassment, assault, abusing and threatening to kill. Action will be taken after investigation.