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Important news for bank customers! RBI governor made a big announcement regarding KYC rules

The Governor of RBI has given a lot of information regarding the rule of KYC. If you have done KYC once, then you will not need to go to the bank to get it done for the second time. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das has given this information. Shaktikanta Das has told that if your address has changed, then you should send your new address to the bank on email or registered mobile number. It has been clearly stated by RBI that if you have KYC in one bank, then there is no need to do KYC again, you just have to share your CKYCR identifier number with the bank. If your bank asks you to do so, then you can complain to your bank.

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das

Giving information on this subject, Reserve Bank of India Governor Shaktikanta Das has made it clear that now the customer does not need to visit the bank to get re-KYC done. You can easily re-kyc online sitting at home. If there is no change in your KYC details, then you can get reKYC done by sending an email or by sending a message to the bank from your registered mobile.

How to do kyc on change of address

  • For this, you can send email or message to the registered mobile number to the bank sitting at home.
    Bank will verify it by sending a letter within just 60 days
  • Under CKYCR, the customer is given a CKYCR identifier number, which you share with the bank, then the other bank does not have to do KYC.
  • If your bank asks you to come to the bank to do KYC, then the bank can complain about it under the Banking Ombudsman and non-legal fast resolution.