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Uttarakhand / Udhamsinghnagar : Police busted a gang that lured and sold minor girls

Udham Singh Nagar – Udham Singh Nagar Police has got a big success. The Udhamsinghnagar police busted a gang earning money by luring minor girls for marriage and selling them at high prices in different states.

A woman living under Thana Kunda area, who is a native of Rampur Thana Kath District Moradabad U.P., came to Thana Kunda on 15-11-2022 and informed that her minor daughter Komal Chauhan (fictitious name) age 16 years dated 26-10 On the day of 2022, somewhere around 2.00 pm, she has gone missing. A lot of research was done on the said minor girl after registering the charges in Police Station Kunda. During the investigation, it was learned that Sonia Kumari, a woman of a vicious gang living in the neighborhood of the said minor, and her husband Raju, together under a plan Taking his minor daughter into his confidence, he took the said minor into his confidence by saying that he would provide money for the complete treatment of the tumor in her mother’s cheek.

The said minor was told that he would have to go with them to Rajasthan, where he would get good money by working in a marriage. Because that minor girl was very much troubled by the pain of her mother’s tumor in her cheek, so she agreed to go with them but her mother did not want to do so, but one day when her mother was out of the house, the said Both of them seduced the minor girl and took other members of the gang along with them to Rekha and her husband Devichand’s house in Alwar Rajasthan and there all four of them made a plan and took the said minor to village Mevli police station Kotkasim district Alwar Rajasthan resident of handicapped accused Monu s/o Manoj. The deal was done for marriage for Rs.03 lakh.

It was told by the wanted accused Gan Pradeep alias Raju alias Ajay and Sonia Kumari, who came to light related to the said gang, that out of Rs. In the family who bought the said minor kept by her husband, Monu, to whom the minor was married, is disabled and unable to speak, the said gang has also become a witness in the marriage of the minor girl.

After selling the minor for Rs.03 lakh, the gang members fled from there and had also switched off their mobiles. That minor girl was forced to live a married hellish life for about 20 days. With the help of her informer and surveillance and her untiring efforts, the police recovered her from village Mevli police station, Kotkasim district, Alwar.

Section 363/364/368/376/370 (4) IPC 9/10/11 Child Marriage Act 5/6/16/17 Paxo Act was increased in the prosecution and Manoj Kumar son Prahlad, father of disabled accused involved in this case Resident of village Mevli police station Kotkasim district Alwar Rajasthan has been arrested by the police and sent to jail, apart from this the accused involved in this gang came to light (1) Sonia Kumari wife Shishupal resident of Kewalgarhi, Hathras UP and her accomplice (2) Pradeep alias Raju alias Ajay s/o Puran Singh, r/o Madhwala Garhi has been arrested on 08.12.22 near Thakurdwara Bus Station, Moradabad, who will be produced before the Hon’ble Court soon. Efforts are on to arrest other gang members and other accused involved in the said crime.