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Voting rigging will end, Election Commission is going to do this big work

Elections in India are seen as a festival of democracy. The Election Commission of India is now going to make this festival completely rigging free. After the introduction of Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) where it helped to a great extent in preventing malpractices in elections. And now the commission is going to put a 100% ban on it. The Election Commission has taken the initiative to completely eliminate duplication in the voter list. Now many times it has been seen that the same person is registered in more than one voter list according to different address, city or state. In such a situation, he votes at different places. In this way, the commission has come close to ending this duplication found in the voter list.

Voter ID linked to Aadhaar

The Election Commission had started the work of linking Voter ID card with Aadhaar to eliminate duplication from the Electoral Roll. So far, more than 56 crore voter IDs have been linked to Aadhaar in the country. Sources associated with the Election Commission of India say that in the last week of December, it can make an announcement related to ending duplication in the electoral roll. In this way, the trap of having two or more voter IDs of the same voter will be completely destroyed.

Everything is in the final stage

The Election Commission informed that it is eliminating this duplication with the help of a special software. He is almost in the final stages of this process. Not only this, the data of electoral roll is now being synced digitally and online.

Steps taken for data security

The Election Commission has taken several important steps to protect the data of the electoral roll. For the last two years, the commission is working on eliminating duplication in the electoral roll. Significantly, the Election Commission has been running a special campaign to link Aadhaar card and Voter ID card for the last two years. Although the process of linking them is completely voluntary. They will not be forced to link these two cards.

There will be two major advantages of linking Voter ID with Aadhaar card. Firstly, a person will be able to get his name registered in the voter list only once, this will prevent duplication and control the creation of fake voter IDs. Secondly, there are lakhs of voters in the country whose names are there in the voter list of two or three places. In such a situation, not only rigging takes place, but the voting percentage is also bad.