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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Blackmailed by making obscene photos and videos and occupied the flat, now demanding one crore

A woman living in a live-in relationship blackmailed her partner teacher by making obscene photos and videos. It is alleged that the woman took possession of his flat and is now demanding one crore rupees. On the complaint of the teacher, a case has been registered in Rajpur police station.

Rajpur Police Station President Jitendra Chauhan told that a teacher has complained. They got married in 2004, a son was born in 2012. The victim was transferred from Jaipur to Jodhpur in 2018. The wife did not go there and separated leaving the son. The victim needed a live-in partner to take care of the son. For this, he created a profile on Jeevan

It is alleged that during this time Bhavya Maurya resident of Rajasthan contacted. She talked about separation from her husband. It is alleged that she started living with the victim. Both stayed in the flat located in Doon. Here Bhavya made videos of private moments and started blackmailing from 2021. It is alleged that he along with his father took him out of the flat and captured him.

After this demanded one crore rupees and threatened to make the video viral. Distressed victims went to the police, but when the case was not registered, they took refuge in the court. A case has been registered against the accused on the orders of the court. Police is investigating the case.