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Uttar Pradesh / Hamirpur : Father gave bulldozer to daughter in dowry, you will be shocked to know the reason!

Even though taking and asking for dowry is illegal in India, everyone knows what goes on behind the scenes and ahead. In the name of gifts, parents often give dowry while sending off their daughter. But sometimes these gifts also surprise. As happened in this case. Where a father did not give a bike, cycle or car to his daughter in dowry but gave a bulldozer. The reason behind this is also very interesting which will surprise you too.

Son in law in air force

Actually this whole matter has come to the fore from Hamirpur. Where the ex-serviceman has given a bulldozer to the daughter in dowry. This dowry is now being discussed far and wide. The father says that he has done this in view of his earnings. Where his daughter will not have to ask for money even from her son-in-law. Two-three people will also get employment from this bulldozer. Please tell, the price of this bulldozer is 30 lakhs. This whole matter has come to the fore from Dev village of Sumerpur police station area.

Shocked Barati

Talking about the groom, Vikas alias Yogendra is in the Air Force. Father Swamidin Chakraborty had arranged his son’s marriage in a nearby village. Neha, daughter of former military personnel Parasram Prajapati, is also preparing for service. Whose father has now gifted him a bulldozer. The entry of the bulldozer in the marriage without informing has surprised everyone. This is the first case of giving bulldozer in dowry, which is now in headlines. All the baratis were also shocked to see the father. Many people even started taking selfies with this dowry of the bride. Bulldozer was the center of attraction in this marriage which took place on 15th December.