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Bridge built at a cost of 13 crores collapsed before inauguration in Bihar… getting dirty

Bihar is currently in a lot of discussion regarding the spurious liquor case. Now another surprising case has come to light from Begusarai here. Before the inauguration in Begusarai, the bridge built on the Gandak river at a cost of 13 crores collapsed. The front part of the bridge fell into the river after it collapsed. 206 meters long was built under the Chief Minister NABARD scheme, but the bridge could not be inaugurated due to lack of access road. A few days ago a crack was noticed in the front part of the bridge. Then on December 15, a letter was written to the authorities regarding the crack in the bridge and today (Sunday) morning the front part of the bridge collapsed. In fact, even before the inauguration in Begusarai, the middle part of the bridge over the Gandak river has broken and fallen into the river. The part between pier number two and three of the bridge is broken.

The bridge was built at a cost of 13 crores

A 206 meter bridge was constructed between Aakriti Tola Chowki and Bishanpur from the Ahok Gandak Ghat side of Sahebpur Kamal police station area. The construction work started in the year 2016 and was completed in the year 2017. Its construction cost was Rs 13 crore. However, traffic could not start on the bridge due to lack of access path, but even before the inauguration, cracks started appearing in it and the middle portion of the bridge completely broke and fell into the Gandak river.

Corruption in bridge construction – RLJP leader

RLJP leader of Sahebpur Kamal Sanjay Yadav said that due to corruption this bridge has collapsed. There was a complaint about the crack in the bridge, but the officials did not pay any attention. The bridge collapsed even before it was inaugurated. Dozens of villages would have been facilitated by the construction of the bridge. But he fell prey to corruption.