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Madhya Pradesh : To prevent road accidents and for the peace of souls, sprinkling of Gangajal was done on the highway here

Labor-Nayagaon in Madhya Pradesh has been in discussion for accidents since the formation of fourlane. Many places have been marked as black spots. Despite all the efforts of the engineer, accidents are not taking the name of stopping. In such a situation, the toll plaza company has now taken refuge in religion and spirituality. In the 125 km stretch from Lebar to Javra, holy Ganga water was brought from Uttarakhand and sprinkled on both sides. By filling Ganga water in the tractor, Ganga water was sprinkled on both the parts of the forelane i.e. 250 km road. Havan was performed for the prevention of accidents. Rituals were performed for the peace of the souls of the dead. By inviting Yagyacharya Deepak Pandya from Ujjain, Lord Hanuman was worshiped at the toll plaza at Borali. Sunderkand recitation and a Kundiya Havan were organized. In this, the officers and employees of the toll company offered ghee and Shakalya in the yagya by chanting for self-peace. However, recently, under the supervision of technicians, the Fourlane Company had made a vigorous exercise from road maintenance to indicators, repair of broken dividers, speed breakers, indicators etc.

Eight thousand vehicles pass in 24 hours

About eight thousand vehicles pass on the Lebar-Nayagaon four lane every day in 24 hours. Although this route is about 300 km long, but in the 125 km area from Javra to Lebar, the process of accidents continues unabated since its construction. A few days ago, an uncontrolled truck ran over the passengers waiting for the bus at the Satrunda intersection. In this accident, six people died on the spot while 13 were injured. Similarly, some such accidents also took place in which technical fault had no role to play. The toll company made all possible efforts from road maintenance, construction of speed breakers to prevention of accidents, but still the accidents did not stop, then after getting tired, the toll company performed Havan for the peace of the people killed on this road in the past years. Took the support of worship.

Rituals for the peace of the souls of the dead

Rajesh Ramde, the project head of the construction company, told that the water of the holy river Ganges was brought from Uttarakhand. Along with Vedic chanting, sprinkling of Ganges water was done from Lebar to Javra along with rituals and the same process was repeated on the other side of the route in return. After that, religious rituals were performed for the peace of the dead people according to the instructions of Vaidacharyas. Sunderkand was also organized.