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West Bengal / Nadia: Mother won a prize of 75 lakhs in the lottery, greedy son killed himself along with his girlfriend

In Navadweep of Nadia district of West Bengal, the mother had won 75 lakhs from a lottery ticket. But the greed of money turned the son into a devil and he met his girlfriend and killed her. Three people, including a woman, have been arrested in connection with the murder of police officer Supriya Saha of Navdweep police station. Those arrested include Kunal Haldar, Nayan Malakar and Shukla Biswas. Police said that Shukla was the mastermind of the entire plan. According to the police, Kunal, one of the people arrested after killing Supriya, once made a call from his own SIM. On the basis of that source, the police got success.

Police arrested three people

On Friday evening, the police first arrested Kunal Haldar by laying a trap. In his interrogation, the names of two more people were revealed. He was also arrested. Earlier, Supriya’s son Jai Saha was arrested by the police. Then he got bail. Meanwhile, Jai had returned home last Thursday on interim bail from the High Court after being in limbo for several months. He claimed to the police that he entered the house and found his mother’s body wrapped in a blanket, but Jai was arrested the same night on the complaint of Sabita Saha, the wife of the deceased. He is now in police custody.

Son kept pressurizing mother for money, hatched a conspiracy when she did not get it

According to the police, Jai’s relationship with Shukla is two years old. Jai kept pressuring his mother for money. Ultimately failing, he asks Shukla to somehow extort money from Supriya. Then Shukla planned to kill Supriya. Kunal told the police during cross-examination that three months ago, Shukla told him that there were Rs 50 lakh and gold ornaments in the cupboard of Jai’s house. If he brings the money after killing Jai’s mother, he will be given ten lakh rupees. Kunal went to Supriya’s house on the night of 14 September at around 9 pm with a friend Nayan Malakar. Being a prior acquaintance, he could have easily entered inside and strangulated, but he broke open the cupboard of the house and did not find money or jewelry there and locked the house.

Police custody for six days on the charge of murder

He took Supriya’s phone with him. Kunal once filled his SIM in that phone. Kunal left Nabadwip on 16 September, a day after the incident. Supriya’s lawyer Vikas Mandal has been saying since the beginning that property or money is one of the reasons behind the death of his client Supriya. IC Abhijeet Chattopadhyay of Nabadwip police station said, “All those arrested have confessed that they were involved in this murder.” An application will be made in the court to take the arrested people into custody for investigation. When Jai Saha was produced in the court on Friday, the judge granted police custody for six days.