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Uttar Pradesh / Aligarh : Mobile eclipsed 7 years of marriage, husband objected, wife said give divorce, will not leave mobile

A strange case has come to light from Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Where the dispute over mobile phone increased so much that the husband and wife insisted on living separately. During this, the husband told the wife that if you leave the mobile then only you will be able to stay with me, but the wife is also adamant on her stubbornness. He is not ready to give up mobile. Due to this, the matter has now reached the family court. At the same time, assurance was also given from the girl’s side to give a plot of 200 square yards to convince the boy, but the boy is not ready even on this matter. During this, the husband says that he is saying the same thing again and again, until the wife leaves the mobile, she is not ready to live with her, after which the husband also rejected the offer of 200 square yards plot. . This whole matter reached the family court. Where the counselor tried hard to convince both the husband and wife, but neither the wife is ready to leave the mobile nor the husband to keep it.

What is the matter?

Actually, this case is related to Sarsaul area of Police Station Bannadevi area of Aligarh district. The woman living here was married to a person from Madrak area in the year 2013. There is also a son from both of them, but last 2 years ago there was a dispute between the couple regarding keeping the mobile. During this, the husband repeatedly asked the wife not to keep the mobile, but the wife was adamant on keeping the mobile. The dispute between the two increased regarding this matter and the dispute reached so far that the matter reached the Family Court of the District and Sessions Court. Where the dispute between the two regarding mobile is continuously increasing.

The couple is adamant on their own terms – Yogesh Saraswat

On the other hand, while giving information Yogesh Saraswat, counselor of the Family Court, said that this matter has come in the Family Court. Where a dispute started between the husband and wife regarding the mobile, after which the court reached. Where a lot of effort was made to make both of them sit and explain, but both the people are adamant on their own terms. The husband wants the wife to leave the mobile, but the wife is not ready to leave the mobile. Yogesh Saraswat tells that both of them got married in 2013 but the dispute started from 2020.

Wife claims in court to pay 35 thousand rupees to husband

The husband alleges that the wife uses the phone more while staying at home. Because of this, her husband does not like this thing, due to which the wife was asked many times to leave the phone, but the wife is not ready to leave the phone, so the matter reached the court. Where the girl’s side also proposed to give 200 square yards plot to the boy, but the boy is adamant on only one thing that if the wife leaves the mobile, then she is ready to keep it with her. There is also a son from both of them and this dispute is increasing continuously. During this, the wife has also claimed in the court to pay Rs 35,000 per month to her husband.