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Uttarakhand / Nainital : District Magistrate ordered to collect all licensed arms from Banbhulpura

District Magistrate Dhiraj Singh Garbyal has informed that action is proposed to be taken to remove encroachment from railway land in Haldwani as per the orders of the Hon’ble High Court of Uttarakhand.

The District Magistrate has told that in view of the possibility of misuse of license arms during the action to remove the encroachment by the arms license holders residing in the encroachment area Thana Vanbhulpura, the District Magistrate has ordered the Senior Superintendent of Police

That the license holders residing in the encroachment area of the affected railway land and the licensed license holders from other districts who are currently residing under Vanbhulpura police station area, ensure to deposit their licensed weapons immediately till further orders.