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Uttarakhand : Employees sacked from VIS are sitting on dharna for 12 days, sought permission for euthanasia, letter sent to President

Sacked employees of the Vidhansabha Secretariat sitting on dharna for 12 days outside the Uttarakhand Vidhansabha have written a letter with mass signatures to the President seeking permission for euthanasia. The workers say that they are not able to maintain the family due to their removal from the job. On Friday, the sacked workers prayed for the peace of the departed soul by keeping silence for two minutes on the death of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s mother. The workers have written a letter to President Draupadi Murmu seeking permission for euthanasia in the event of not getting justice. Informed in the letter that since the formation of the state, all the recruitments in the Vidhansabha Secretariat have been done under a process, but action was taken by the Vidhansabha to dismiss 228 employees appointed in the years 2016 to 2021, terming the recruitments as illegal.

No action was taken against the employees appointed from the year 2000 to 2015 as they were regular. Among the retrenched personnel, many have become handicapped, widowed as well as many have become overage, due to which there has been a crisis of livelihood in front of their families. Greeting cards made on behalf of the children of the sacked personnel on New Year were posted to the Assembly Speaker during the protest. Geeta Negi, Saraswati Kathait, Pratibha, Rishu Surya, Mayank Rawat, Surendra Rautela, Ashish Sharma, Kaushik, Kuldeep Singh, Deep Bhatt, Himanshu Pandey etc were present on this occasion.

Broken hopes of candidates in merit, tears shed

The decision of the Subordinate Services Selection Commission on the three recruitments involved in the investigation of the paper leak case has shattered the hopes of the meritorious candidates. The tears of the candidates gathered outside the commission office were shed. Angry candidates shaved their heads in protest. He said what is our fault. He has got success after studying for 12 hours daily.

Many candidates had started gathering outside the office even before the selection commission’s decision on graduation level, forest inspector and secretariat guard recruitment at 11.30 am on Friday morning. As soon as the commission decided to re-examine the three recruitments, the candidates present outside also started protesting by raising slogans against the commission. The candidates sat at the main gate of the office demanding appointment letters. During this, the tears of the candidates also spilled. Many women candidates were crying on the phone informing their relatives about the cancellation of recruitment.

The candidates say that due to the failures of the Commission, the hardworking youth are being played with. Forest Inspector recruitment exam has been done online, in which there is no possibility of error. On what basis the commission has canceled the recruitment. The government had also said that injustice will not be done to the hard working candidates. During the protest, the candidates shaved their heads and expressed their anger towards the government and the commission.

Got merit in two recruitment exams, where to go now

Praveen Aswal said that 300 ranking for the post of graduate level gram panchayat development officer and one place in merit in forest inspector recruitment. Where to go now as both the recruitment exams are cancelled. The government has given New Year’s gift to the candidates who were successful in the examination by working hard. The government should make public the names of those who are involved in making irregularities in the recruitment.

Was preparing since 2015

Gaurav of Agastyamuni says that since 2015 I am preparing for competitive exams. Medical was not selected. After that prepared for the recruitment of Group C posts. Came in top-10 merit in forest inspector recruitment.