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Nitin Gadkari’s big announcement, now these people will not have to pay toll tax, see the new list

Toll taxes have been established on different roads, highways and expressways in the country. Toll collection is done from vehicles coming to all these toll centers. Although there are many people in India who do not have to pay toll tax. Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has made a big announcement regarding toll tax. The government has issued a guideline. In which it has been told that which people do not have to pay toll tax. The list of those who will get the benefit of toll tax exemption has been issued. From this list you will get to know which people do not have to pay toll tax in India. Toll tax is collected by the National Highway Authority of India.

These people do not have to pay toll tax

  1. President of India
  2. Prime Minister
  3. Chief Judge
  4. Vice president
  5. State governor
  6. Union cabinet minister
  7. Supreme Court Judge
  8. Speaker of the Lok Sabha
  9. Union Minister of State
  10. State chief minister
  11. Lieutenant Governor of Union Territories
  12. Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of a State
  13. Chief Justice of High Court
  14. Chairman of the legislative council of a state
  15. Secretary to the Government of India
  16. Member of parliament
  17. Army commander
  18. Vice Chief of Army Staff
  19. Chief Secretary of a State Government within the concerned State
  20. Member of the legislative assembly of a state
  21. Foreign dignitaries do not have to pay toll tax on state visits.

Two wheeler drivers tax free

Road tax is collected from the customers only at the time of purchasing the two-wheeler. Toll tax is not charged from two wheelers on the highway. On the other hand, if you travel by four wheeler on the highway, you have to pay toll tax.

Check toll tax list by mobile SMS

You can also get information about toll tax through SMS. For this, you have to send a message by typing TIS < Toll Plaza ID from your phone to 56070. As soon as you SMS, the rate list of toll tax will appear on your screen.