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Uttar Pradesh : Order to give electricity connection within 5 days of applying

Electricity will reach the houses of the people who have applied for electricity connection in Uttar Pradesh in the next 5 days. Uttar Pradesh Power Corporation has issued an order for all corporations to install electricity meters immediately. In fact, due to lack of electricity meters, connections could not be made in the homes of thousands of people. The corporation had stopped giving the connection. After this, people started complaining one after the other. But now an order has been issued to give new connection to the people who have applied within 5 days. However, for the time being, a new electricity connection will be installed by the corporation along with the old meter in people’s homes. The UP Electricity Department has issued an order for the electricity companies, in which due to the shortage of new meters, old meters have been asked to give connections to people’s homes with immediate effect.

Meter sent report in 5 days

On behalf of the corporation’s chairman M Devraj, all the power distribution corporations have been asked to install meters and send their connection reports within 5 days. In fact, thousands of people were visiting the offices of the Electricity Department for new electricity connections. In view of the problems of the people, the electricity department reviewed the applications made by the people and the number of old meters already existing in the electricity department and found that the department has about 15,000 old meters and the same number of people have applied for new connections. Did it too. After this, an order was issued by the department to install only old meters with new connections.

According to the chairman, tender has been done for new meters. Soon new meters will be purchased for the people of UP. He said that an order has been issued to purchase 20,000 new electricity meters in the Madhyachal area, which will be installed for tubewell connections.