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Green comet started moving towards Earth, will reach closest on this day, scientist excited

Comet C/2022 E-3 (ZTF), which has become the center of attraction in the sky these days, has started moving towards the Earth on its path after orbiting the Sun. On February 2, it will reach closest to the Earth. Scientists have expressed the possibility of seeing this comet with the naked eye.

The green comet reached near the Sun on January 12

Senior Astronomer Dr. Shashibhushan Pandey of Aryabhatta Observational Science Research Institute (ARIES), Nainital told that on January 12, the green comet had reached near the Sun and is now moving towards the Earth. The special thing is that its brightness has started increasing. Center of attraction for scientists and astrophotographers

It remains the center of attraction for scientists and astrophotographers studying comets. On reaching the closest on February 2, its distance will be 0.29 astronomical unit (AU) i.e. 44 million km from the Earth.

Can be seen with the help of binoculars

It is believed that its brightness will reach five or six magnitudes. Then it would be possible to see it with the naked eye. At present it can be seen with the help of binoculars.

Brightest comet of the year

The comet was discovered on March 2 last year from the Zwicky Transient Facility Observatory on Mount Palomar in Southern California. The discovery was made with the help of the 48-inch Samuel Oschin Robotic Telescope. Scientists believe that this will be the brightest comet of this year. Will reach near Mars on February 10.

Scientist Dr. Shashibhushan Pandey has told that this comet will be very close to Mars on 10 February. Then this comet can be easily seen. It will be visible in the western sky just after sunset with a glowing tail. Comet E-3 will be present directly above Mars that night.