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Akhilesh accuses government of hiding Joshimath’s cracks by putting pressure on scientists, Dhami retaliates

The existence of Joshimath in Uttarakhand, which is facing a disaster like landslide, is in danger. Due to day-by-day subsidence of land and widening of cracks in the buildings in the Himalayan city, the residents there have started to see their life like sand slipping from the fist. Meanwhile, the government is taking action to evacuate people and demolish dilapidated structures. At the same time, the political temperature has also started rising regarding Joshimath. Samajwadi Party’s national president Akhilesh Yadav has made a scathing attack on the Dhami government.

Akhilesh said that the BJP government’s attempt to hide the truth about the Joshimath cracks by pressurizing scientists with political influence is highly condemnable. This is a very serious matter because the lives of lakhs of people are at stake. The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) report regarding the projects of Joshimath should be disclosed. On the other hand, Uttarakhand CM Pushkar Singh Dhami hit back at Akhilesh and said that there is no such thing… sitting in any corner of the country, people are talking about Uttarakhand, so it is not right at all. Because the situation there is not like this. There even today 65-70 percent people are doing their work normally. Char Dham Yatra is going to start after 4 months, so it is not right to create such an atmosphere.

Joshimath in danger, government machinery sitting on its hands- Congress

On the other hand, on Tuesday, senior Congress leader and former MP Pradeep Tamta reached Joshimath in Gopeshwar to meet the disaster victims. Here he accused the Uttarakhand government of sitting idly by despite knowing the impending danger at Joshimath. He said that it is more a circumstantial disaster than a natural one. Knowing that the city of Joshimath is in danger, our government machinery kept sitting with folded hands. Citing the Mishra committee constituted decades ago in this regard, Tamta said that in 1976, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi started efforts to save the area as soon as she received a letter from environmentalist Chandi Prasad Bhatt regarding the landslide of Joshimath. The Congress leader alleged that ignoring the dangers here, the present governments imposed destructive schemes in the name of development, due to which this historical city of ours is moaning and the common and poor families of Joshimath are suffering as a result.

Mamta targeted the center

On the other hand, on Tuesday itself, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had also termed the situation in Joshimath as extremely dangerous. He also said that the central government should take steps on a war footing to protect the people of the Himalayan city. Mamta had also said that the central government should have taken precautionary measures long ago in view of the fact that the land subsidence in Joshimath was predicted beforehand.

Raising the question, Mamta said why necessary steps were not taken despite warnings? The situation in Joshimath is very dangerous. The residents of the hill town are not responsible for this disaster. It is the duty of the government to take care of the people when there is a disaster. He said that the government should take steps on a war footing so that people do not face any problem.