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Gujarat / Tapi: After the suicide of the loving couple, the family got married by making an idol, immortalized love

A unique case of love, suicide and then marriage has come to light in Gujarat. This unique case is of Tapi in Gujarat. Ganesh, who lives in Newala village here, wanted to marry Ranjana, a girl from the same village. Six months in August 2022, Ganesh brought Ranjana to his house as his wife, where the family members refused to accept this relationship and threw both of them out of the house. After some time, the dead bodies of both of them were found hanging on the same gallows on the tree.
The lover couple committed suicide on August 2022

According to information, both Ganesh and Ranjana loved each other. When the relatives of both came to know about this, they opposed it, but Ranjana and Ganesh had to live together. When the families of both were not ready for the marriage, Ganesh and Ranjana committed suicide by hanging themselves in August 2022, taking a dreadful step.

Now the family of both got married because

After the suicide of the loving couple, the families of Ganesh and Ranjana felt that both the children had committed suicide after being fed up of their stubbornness. The relatives of both felt that if they were alive then they could have lived together but this could not happen. When the family members repented, they decided to get Ganesh and Ranjana married. He got their idols made. They were married following the customs.

That’s why the family was not ready for marriage earlier

The girl’s grandfather Bhimsingh Padvi said that the boy belonged to our distant family, due to which they were not ready for the marriage. But we saw that both love each other very much and hence both the families came up with this idea (Statue Marriage). Then the relatives of both made idols of Ganesha and Ranjana and got them married on January 14 with full rituals.