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Uttar Pradesh : Naib Tehsildar called the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya as “shopkeeping”! Said – we can prove

The video of a Naib Tehsildar posted in Sewrai Tehsil of the district has gone viral. In the viral video, the Naib Tehsildar is heard saying that people who worship are idiots. The matter does not end at this, further it is said by Naib Tehsildar that shoplifting is being done by building Ayodhya Ram Mandir. Various questions are being raised by people after the video went viral on social media. At the same time, officials say that the matter is being investigated.

Officers had arrived to visit the temple

It is being told that the officials had reached to visit Maa Kamakhya Dham, famous as Shaktipeeth. Naib Tehsildar Himmat Bahadur Singh was deputed to give the officials a darshan of Maa Kamakhya. When the officers went away after the darshan and worship by the officers, during this time Naib Tehsildar Himmat Bahadur called the prayer recitation in the temple a hoax. Naib Tehsildar said that the people who go to the temple are fools. During this, while explaining the definition of temple by Naib Tehsildar, it is said that temple means mind and heart. The temple is made up of two words.

Naib Tehsildar said ‘we have made them’

During this, its video is made by a journalist present there. While making the video, some people are saying that journalists are making the video, then Naib Tehsildar says that okay make the video and make it viral, I am not afraid of anyone. In further conversation, he said that those who come to the temple to worship, do not realize God and have no knowledge of God. Naib Tehsildar is heard saying that God is in you and in us. Naib Tehsildar is further heard saying that he has been made ‘someone must have been made, isn’t it? Faith is wrong. God is in humans.

Will prove Ram Mandir as a shopkeeper on the injury of Danke

Naib Tehsildar Himmat Bahadur Singh does not stop at this. He further said that the Ram temple being built in Ayodhya is a shopkeeper. Shoplifting is going on in Ayodhya by building a Ram temple. I can prove on the injury of Danke, take the matter anywhere. Wherever you take him, yes it is shoplifting. After this, he also said that make a video and remove it wherever you want, I am not afraid of anyone. After knowing about the controversial statement given by Naib Tehsildar, the officers and employees present with him call him. At present, Abhiya video is becoming increasingly viral on social media and various comments are being made by people.