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Tharoor’s taunt on calling the pilot a corona-traitor

MP Shashi Tharoor has advised CM Ashok Gehlot for calling former deputy CM Sachin Pilot useless, traitor-corona. He said- When we are speaking about our colleagues, we should speak thoughtfully. I didn’t even say such words to my opponents. Tharoor was answering a question asked by Gehlot at the Jaipur Literature Festival (JLF) on Saturday about calling Pilot a traitor and Corona.

He said- I have been in politics for 14 years. I have never tried to say or instigate anything like this about anyone. I never want to do mud wrestling in politics. Thinking this, I avoided many issues.

Tharoor said- I request my colleagues that it is not good to say this about our own brothers and sisters. We should try to iron out our differences. People may also have different views. There may be other ways of saying this. I would also like that inside the party we should live with each other with love. I did not say such words even to my opponents.

There can be two opinions in the party, but all are against BJP
Tharoor said – Be it any party in our country. Not everyone has the same opinion in him. Even in BJP, not every person has the same opinion on every subject. I believe that in a democracy there can be difference of opinion between two people. If you have the same ideology and you are fighting for the same cause, then who will lead in the end. The party will have to decide this.

Differences are everywhere
He said- who all are leading in BJP. Who is leading in the Congress. This does not mean that other people also do not consider themselves successful. Now those people are not in power. I think internal fighting is a reality in any party. Some or the other, differences are everywhere. He said that everyone’s thinking may be different in our party. All Congress leaders are against BJP.

Received many letters to write on romance
The MP said- I have not written a book for the last 21 years, because I am working on an important subject related to politics and the country. That’s why I haven’t got a chance to write about romance as well. When you all send me out of politics, then I will try to write on romance and other issues. Anyway, I get many letters about writing on romance and Nobel. In such a situation, I will definitely write on this when I get time.

Raising questions is not a sign of suppressing the judiciary
On the questions being raised on the Judiciary, Tharoor said – Asking questions is not a sign of suppressing the Judiciary. I believe that the Constitution has given an independent and autonomous status to the Judiciary. I think this principle is not being followed by those in power. He really has the ability to create pressure on the Judiciary. In such a situation, there is a need to strengthen the judiciary. Wherever it comes to the rights of the Judiciary and the Constitution, we should speak up to protect it.

Gehlot compared the pilot to Corona in gestures
A video of CM Ashok Gehlot’s pre-budget conversation with employee organizations on January 18 had surfaced. In which without naming the pilot, Gehlot compared the political crisis and the pilot to Corona.

During the conversation, when the leader of contract employees, Shamsher Bhalu Khan said about not meeting the CM, Gehlot interrupted and said – You are right, I have started meeting, had met last Monday. What happened that Corona came first? Again a big corona has come inside our party. Earlier, Gehlot has called Pilot useless and even a traitor.

The pilot had said – what was said about me, everyone knows
Former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot is also attacking in gestures. Pilot, who reached the inauguration ceremony of the library at Maharaja College on January 20, made a lot of sarcasm on Gehlot in gestures. He said- ‘I have seen and learned a lot from my late father in politics.

Pilot had said – in the political arena, I have seen him beating up the elders. When you stand on issues, public sentiment, people clap. Insulting, saying small things is not a good thing. You all know What was said about me.