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FBI ‘raids’ US President Joe Biden’s house, seizes six confidential documents after 13-hour search

Joe Bien FBI Raid: अमेरिकी राष्ट्रपति जो बाइडेन के घर FBI ने मारा 'छापा', 13  घंटे की तलाशी के बाद छह गोपनीय दस्तावेज जब्त - american justice department  fbi search us president

The FBI searched the residence of US President Joe Biden in Delaware and recovered six documents marked as confidential. The department also took some handwritten notes of Biden in its possession. President’s lawyer Bob Bauer gave this information. Bauer said on Saturday that the Justice Department searched Biden’s Wilmington residence on Friday. He told that the search lasted for about 13 hours.

Bauer said in a statement that the Justice Department “took possession of material believed to be within the scope of its investigation, including documents marked confidential and other materials.” Some of this material dates back to the President’s (Biden) services as a Senate member and Vice President. Took it in for review.

Documents found in the library
Joe Biden’s lawyers found six classified documents in his home library about a week ago. These documents were related to the time of his Vice Presidential tenure. The discovery of the documents had become a political issue in America. Because Donald Trump’s house was also raided after leaving the presidency and confidential documents were seized. These documents became a headache for Biden and complicated the investigation related to Trump. In view of this, the FBI has conducted a search.

What did biden say
When Biden was asked about this, he said, ‘We have found many documents in the wrong places. We have immediately handed them over to the Archives and Justice Department. Biden further said that he is fully cooperating and wants to resolve the matter soon. President Biden and his wife were not at home when the home was searched. It is not yet known whether the FBI will search other places or not.