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Uttarakhand: In Haridwar Muslim fund operator absconded with crores of rupees! About 22 thousand people were cheated

A case of fraud in the name of Muslim fund has come to light in Haridwar, Uttarakhand. Here, for the past several years, an accused who was operating a Muslim fund in Kotwali Jwalapur area, absconded with crores of rupees from 22 thousand people. As soon as this was known, the victims came to Kotwali and got a case registered against the accused. At the same time, now the police has started searching for the absconding accused. Please tell that interest money is considered haram in the Muslim community. This is the reason why many Muslim people do not deposit their money in banks. Taking advantage of this, Abdul Razak, a resident of Sarai Jwalapur, used to collect daily, weekly and monthly money from small and big people of the Muslim community for the past many years. Several years ago, he had also opened his office in the name of Kabir Mutual Benefit Fund Limited at some distance from Kotwali Jwalapur. In which many people used to do the work of collecting money. People used to consider the money safe here, but people were shocked on Sunday morning when they came to know that Abdul Razzaq had absconded after locking his office and house.

For the last 2 days, he or any of his men was not even going to collect money from the people. In lieu of money, he had also distributed passbooks among the people like a regular bank. In which only its people used to enter people after taking money. It is being told that the accused used to give the deposited money of the people to another place on interest. At present, it has been learned that 22 thousand people living in Jwalapur and nearby Muslim villages had opened accounts with him. Some had deposited 10 thousand, some 20 thousand and some 50 thousand to lakhs of rupees. It is alleged that Abdul Razak has absconded with his deposits. Those who deposit money with him include not only illiterate but also educated people.

Muslim funds should not be allowed to run in Uttarakhand

Advocate Mohammad Nayyar says that for the last 8 years his account was in the Muslim Fund of Abdul Razak, a resident of Sarai. Apart from this, the accounts of 4 family members were also running here. In which money was being deposited daily and lump sum also. Today it came to know that Abdul Razak has absconded. When I came to the office and saw, thousands of people were gathered here. After which he has filed a case against Abdul Razak.

He told that he has lost 1.25 lakh rupees in only 4 accounts. He has demanded to arrest the accused. Apart from this, he demanded from the Chief Minister that now no one should be allowed to run a Muslim fund in Uttarakhand. Neither the office nor the house of the accused is present now. Now the police is giving assurance of action, but when will this action happen?

Not only men but women are also trapped in this fraud. Women used to deposit money at Abdul Razak’s place by adding each penny, but now they have lost all the money. Firoza, a resident of Jwalapur area, says that she has two young daughters, for the marriage of whom she was depositing money in the Muslim fund for the past several years. Her husband has already passed away. His daughters’ marriage is in February, but now it is known that the person who deposited the money has disappeared. In such a situation, how will he get his daughters married?

What does the police say

SP City Swatantra Kumar Singh said that Abdul Razak, a resident of Sarai area, has disappeared after taking crores of rupees from the people. Preliminary investigation revealed that around 22000 people had opened accounts with him. In which people had deposited crores of rupees. In this case, not only a case is being registered against the accused on the basis of the people’s tahrir, but SOG has also been imposed for the arrest of the accused. Soon the accused will be behind bars.