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Uttarakhand : Harish Rawat once again praised CM Dhami’s patience

Former CM Harish Rawat has expressed concern about the future of the local people on the Joshimath disaster. At the same time, after meeting CM Pushkar Singh, Harish Rawat has once again praised him. He tweeted and wrote that CM Dhami patiently listened to sharp questions on the disaster in Joshimath. He said that it will be a matter to be seen that how much the government can solve the problems. This is not the first time that Harish Rawat has openly praised CM Dhami. Even before this, Harish Rawat had created a political ruckus by praising him. Due to which the leaders of the Congress party appeared uncomfortable.

Harish Rawat raised questions on Joshimath disaster

Harish Rawat tweeted and wrote that future rivals should be careful. The Chief Minister of the state is a very good listener. Yesterday we went to give many suggestions on Joshimath disaster. In which many suggestions were critical as well, there were sharp questions as well, but the Chief Minister listened to them with full patience. The future should be kept an eye on how much solution will be found now. Let’s see when the pre-fabricated houses start being built. If there is a tent colony, how long does it take, when the safe places are selected.

CM Dhami’s praise again

He further wrote that till when the amount of compensation is told to the people, how much compensation will be received and in what manner what happens to the ordinary people whose livelihood is on Joshimath. What happens to the cow, what happens to those whose economy is based on cow’s milk, there are many things for which we all will be waiting. But one thing is true that the Chief Minister listened with full patience. In the past, Harish Rawat had said on the Joshimath disaster that if a project has to be closed for the benefit of the public, there should be no hesitation in closing it. His clear reference was towards the work of NTPC. On the other hand, the Congress delegation had reached to meet CM Pushkar Singh Dhami on the previous day, in which many veteran Congress leaders were involved.