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President of Chardham Tirth Purohit Mahapanchayat said – “Trivendra has always been giving statements against Chardham Tirthpurohit”

Former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat has once again come under attack from the pilgrims of Uttarakhand for his statement on the Devasthanam board a day earlier on Saturday. Along with Kedar Sabha, the pilgrims of Kedarnath Dham have strongly opposed his statement.

Trivendra has always been giving statements against the pilgrims of Chardham

At the same time, Suresh Semwal, President of Chardham Teerth Purohit Mahapanchayat, said that the position of former Congress National President Rahul Gandhi and former Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat is the same regarding temples and Sanatan Dharma.

Pilgrim priests said that Trivendra has always been giving statements against the pilgrims of Chardham. Let us tell you that the former Chief Minister had made a statement one day that “if there was a Devasthanam Board earlier, Joshimath would have been reconstructed with its income”.

Kedar Sabha President Rajkumar Tiwari strongly opposed former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat’s statement on the Devasthanam Board, saying that what the former Chief Minister wants to prove with his statement is beyond comprehension. The Devasthanam Board was formed by Trivendra Singh Rawat under a well-planned conspiracy and he had to lose the CM’s chair.

Dissolving the Devasthanam Board was the right step

Said that if the Devasthanam Board was not dissolved, then how could the Board have acquired so much wealth in two years that it would have been able to help the disaster victims of Joshimath. Trivendra Rawat should also be told about this.

Veteran pilgrimage priest Kubernath Posti said that the dissolution of the Devasthanam Board was the right step. The statement of the former Chief Minister that the Joshimath disaster victims could have been helped by the Devasthanam Board is completely untrue. The Devasthanam Board did not have any source that could earn its crores of income. BJP should clarify whether they are in support of this statement or not.

On the other hand, former Kedarsabha general secretary Shankar Bagwadi said that the former chief minister’s statement was politically motivated. Chardham Teerth Purohit Mahapanchayat President Suresh Semwal said that even when Trivendra Rawat was the Chief Minister, there were reports regarding landslides in Joshimath. Why didn’t Trivendra Rawat take some steps at that time.

Had they tried, this situation would not have happened in Joshimath today. General Secretary of Uttarakhand Chardham Teerth Purohit Mahapanchayat, Dr. Brijesh Sati says that the Rishi Ganga disaster in Raini had come during former Chief Minister Trivendra Rawat himself and was also the chairman of the Devasthanam Board, so what kind of assistance did he provide to the disaster-affected people during this period? This should also be made public. They should also be reminded that still the affected people have not been displaced in the Raini disaster.